Republika Mali

Jeden Naród - Jeden Cel - Jedna Wiara

Mali na zdjęciach

Mali map

Bamako – Panoramic Niger river view onto Cite Administrative De Bamako building

Tower of Africa

Mopti - Panoramic view of Dogon Teli village from Cliff of Bandiagara Escarpment, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Pottery of Segou

Gouina Falls

Bamako – Panoramic view of Niger river and Avenue Moussa Tavele with BCEAO Tower of Central Bank of West African States in a background

Stadium Modibo Keïta seen from a hilltop

Malian traditional containers made from pumpkin, used to transport food, water and more. People selling and buying at town market

BANDIAGARA- Dogon tribe girl in Bandiagara posing for the photographer

Local people carrying tourist in the little village of Ireli

Women in Mopti will wash their clothes in the river Niger

Traditional wool carding by a Dogon woman in Teli village at Bandiagara, Escarpment UNESCO World Heritage




Sand dune

Great Mosque of Djenné

Mask Dance in Dogon Country

Administrative city

Dogon Dorf

Malian women back from the market

Mopti - Peulh girl

Timbuktu - Crafts

Timbuktu - Camel

Timbuktu - Djingareyber

Circumcision rites in Songho

Songho - circumcision

Ségou region

Ségou - Pottery market

Ségou - Bogolan

Ségou - Sanké Mo - collective fishing

Ségou - Markala Bridge

Ségou - Markala Masks

Ségou - Red house

Ségou - Sunset on the Niger

Ségou - Ndomo Center

Koulikoro - Boat scene

Koulikoro - Niana kulu

Koulikoro - Niana kulu

Koulikoro - in full sand extraction activity

Koulikoro - Boat Kankou Moussa

Dogon country of Mali - house of the Hogon

Dogon country of Mali - Divination table

Dogon country of Mali - Divination table or table of the pale fox

Dogon country of Mali - Divination table or table of the pale fox

Dogon country of Mali

Dogon country of Mali - funeral of the Hogon

Dogon country of Mali

Dogon country of Mali

Dogon country of Mali

Dogon country of Mali

Dogon country of Mali

Dogon country of Mali

In Bamako

In Bamako

In Bamako

In Bamako

In Bamako

In Bamako

In Bamako

In Bamako

In Bamako

In Bamako

In Bamako

In Bamako

Bamako - President Modibo Keita International Airport - Senou

Welcome to Bamako


Djenné - Traditional loincloth(Pagne traditionnel)

Djenné - Mask

Handicrafts in Djenné(Artisanat à Djenné)

Djenné - Bracelet

Djenné - Animation on the river(Animation sur le fleuve)

Gao - Tomb of Askia built in 1495

Gao - Wabaria Animal Market (Marché des Animaux à Wabaria)

Gao - Pink dune (Dune rose)

Gao - Pink dune (Dune rose)

Kayes Bridge

Kayes - Fort

Kayes - Fort

Kayes - Senegal river

Kayes - Gouina Festival

Kayes - Gouina Festival

Kayes - Gouina Falls

Kayes - Cavalier

Kayes - Fort Cannons

Kayes - colonial building

Bamako - Black Army Heroes Monument

Bamako - Monument to the Martyrs

Bamako - Peace Monument

Bamako - prehistoric garden

Bamako - Klédu Farm

Bamako - Administrative City - Architecture

Bamako - Cathedral


Bamako - Monument

On the river in Mopti

Mopti - Yaral Dégal

Mopti - Port

Mopti - collective fishing

Mopti - Mosque

Mopti - Komoguel Mosque

Mopti - Komoguel Mosque Seen from afar

Mopti - Mount Hombori

Mopti - Hand of Fatma

Mopti - Peulh girl

Sikasso - Shakers

Sikasso-Tata Mur

Sikasso- Residence Keletigui

Sikasso-Mur Tata

Sikasso-Porte du Soudan


Sikasso-Mask of Boura

Sikasso - Woroni Falls


Sikasso- buffoons

Sikasso - Boura mask

Mamelon de Sikasso

Sikasso - fruits and vegetables

Timbuktu - Sankoré Mosque

Timbuktu - Essakane

Timbuktu - camel

Timbuktu - Handicrafts

Timbuktu - Al-Farouk

Timbuktu - Handicrafts


Timbuktu - Sidy Yahia Mosque

Timbuktu - Sidy Yahia Mosque

Niger river - Hotel in Bamako

Granary in Sikasso


Somewhere in Bamako

Bintagougou village

Bintagougou village

Essakane - Timbuktu

Bamako - hippopotamus

Yaaral - crossing oxen in Diafarabé

Image du Mali

Dogon mask dance

Hombori Mount

Dogon country

Sanké mô - a collective fishing rite in the Sanké pond practiced in San


Dune rose

Djenné Mosque (UNESCO Humanity heritage)

Mali, African family, wood on the head, colorful traditional outfits, Dogon Country, Mali

Daily activities on the river Banks, Niger River, Mali

Sand dune in Mali

Niger River seen from the roof of a pinasse

Tamadacht Festival in Mali

Djenné mosque